Do Jets have shot at Peyton Manning?

Ask the New York Jets about Peyton Manning this offseason, and you will get some of the most sideways, non-committal answers you will ever hear.

The message ranged somewhere between "Mark Sanchez is our quarterback" to "we won't rule anything out" regarding Manning. What does that all amount to? Who knows?

But we are about to find out how much confidence the Jets truly have in Sanchez. Manning, the soon-to-be former Indianapolis Colts quarterback, is about to become available and there will be several teams quickly jumping into the Manning sweepstakes.

It's unknown if the Jets will join the Manning party. The team seems committed to Sanchez for at least one more year. But New York also could have put out the Manning fires a long time ago and chose not to.

Several teams, including the AFC East rival Miami Dolphins, have made it clear that Manning is a priority. That would be extremely dangerous for the Jets to face Tom Brady and Manning four times a year within the division. That may be enough to convince the Jets to try to recruit Manning for themselves.

New York's salary cap space isn't the best, and Sanchez is due to make a lot of money next year. Monetarily is doesn't look like the Jets are in position for Manning. But maybe the Jets have been dodging the Manning question for a reason.