What can Tim Tebow do for the Jets?

The New York Jets are one of four teams reportedly interested in Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

Is this is a good idea or bad idea for the Jets? Here are some thoughts:

  • You naturally link Tebow to Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, who ran the Wildcat in Miami. Tebow would be great at it. This gimmick offense would suit his skills well. The Jets want to run the ball -- a lot. With Tebow, Denver was one of the top running teams in the NFL. The Jets don't have a blue-chip running back on the roster. Tebow can add a few hundred yards to the pile and a good yards-per-carry average to New York's ground-and-pound offense. From an X's and O's standpoint, it makes sense.

  • Here is the rub: Would starting quarterback Mark Sanchez be OK with adding Tebow? I'm sure there would be mixed feelings. On one hand, Sanchez has the security with the Jets after getting a five-year extension. He will be New York's quarterback for at least the next two years. That could be enough for Sanchez to be fine with adding Tebow as his backup. However, the fans don't care about finances, particularly in the win-now culture of New York. If Sanchez has a bad stretch of two or three games, fans will be clamoring for the wildly popular Tebow, especially after Tebow propelled Denver last season and won a playoff game. Sanchez would have to play well and consistent throughout the season or there will be plenty of fan pressure. That is something the Jets have to consider.

  • Finally, keep in mind Tebow beat the Jets last year. I think that game earned Tebow a lot of respect in New York's locker room, coaching staff and front office. Regardless of how you feel about Tebow as a quarterback, he has a lot of good football traits. He's tough, can run, is hard-nosed and works very hard. Tebow's biggest issue is he can't throw the football accurately. But if the Jets can add him as a backup quarterback to run gimmick plays several times a game, it can work. I like the idea of Tebow to New York as long as Sanchez can handle it and the Jets don't give up any high draft picks.