Can Tebow help Jets' locker-room issues?

Denver Broncos president John Elway said this week that Tim Tebow was the type of person he'd want to marry his daughter. Yet, it was clear Elway didn't want Tebow as the franchise quarterback after landing future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

But Elway's point is Tebow is a man of very high character. Can Tebow's high character make an impact in the Jets' combustible locker room this season?

Everyone knows the Jets desperately need better team chemistry. New York completely imploded last season, which included infighting and teammates not getting along.

Hard work, leadership and being a great teammate are among the biggest assets Tebow brings to New York. He will provide a good and steady influence to a toxic locker room.

Also, keep in mind that Tebow earned the respect of the Jets last November when he surprisingly led Denver to a 17-13 victory over New York. Jets players were skeptical of Tebow. But he willed Denver to a late, game-winning drive.

Tebow certainly can't fix all of New York's locker-room woes. But his natural leadership can only help.