Poll: Will Tim Tebow start in 2012?

The Tim Tebow train has made its way to New York. The Jets are adamant that Tebow is simple coming in for a reserve role to support Mark Sanchez. But media and fans are already thinking otherwise.

In our latest AFC East poll, we want to know whether you think Tebow, at any point next season, will replace Sanchez as the starter. We provided three different scenarios in our poll.

The first two options are yes -- via performance or injury. Sanchez has a lot of pressure on him this season. He's coming off a down year and Jets fans are antsy. If things start to go bad, New Yorkers will want Tebow to replace Sanchez. There's also the possibility of Sanchez getting injured, where New York would have no choice.

Or will Sanchez start all 16 games and everything goes as planned? New York wants Sanchez to do the throwing next season and Tebow to do the running. The combination could be successful if Sanchez holds up his end.

Using our latest SportsNation poll, vote on whether Tebow will become the starting quarterback for the Jets next season. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below.