Were Dolphins going to cut Marshall?

The Dolphins are making a lot of fans upset in Miami after a series of offseason moves and non-moves that put the team in a compromising position. The Dolphins were once thought of as a team on the rise in 2012, but optimism is currently very low.

The decisions sparked a protest outside the team's training facility last week in Davie, Fla. According to the Sun-Sentinel, one of those Dolphins fans received a personal call from team owner Stephen Ross. A team official confirmed the call to the Sun-Sentinel.

Jason Lawrence, a longtime Dolphins season-ticket holder, shared his conversation with the paper. Here are some of the interesting tidbits:

  • According to Lawrence, Ross said the team was going to release Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall if Miami was unable to trade him to help with "team morale." The move suggests the new coaching staff was unwilling to put up with Marshall's strong personality. Eventually, the Dolphins got a pair of third-round picks for the receiver. But it's interesting Miami was so eager to move Marshall that cutting him for nothing was an option.

  • Ross also told Lawrence that the team could have signed quarterback Matt Flynn if it wanted. But new head coach Joe Philbin wasn't sure about Flynn as a starting quarterback. Flynn signed with the Seattle Seahawks instead.

"If my coach said I want Matt Flynn as our starting quarterback next year he would be here," Lawrence recalled Ross saying. "But I couldn't pay Matt Flynn $8 million to come here. If I end up getting him, it's a gamble ... and I'm still drafting a quarterback. I'm still looking for another option."

  • Also, Ross admitted to Lawrence that Peyton Manning "wasn't comfortable" with the Dolphins, and that Ross understood.

  • Finally, Ross did not think quarterback Tim Tebow could help Miami win games. Ross also said he was "remorseful" for cutting leading tackler and starting safety Yeremiah Bell to save salary-cap space.