Stephen Ross: Ireland criticism 'unfair'

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- The Miami Dolphins' power pair of owner Stephen Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland aren't making many new fans in Miami. The Dolphins, once viewed as a team on the rise, made a series of head-scratching moves this offseason that has led to early pessimism.

Ross defended his general manager Monday at the NFL owners meeting.

"I think it's unfair. I don't like it. I don't think Jeff likes it," Ross told reporters Monday. "I think it's unfair. I think the ideas were the fact that we didn't get Peyton Manning. I think the fact that we are right in the middle of the process. It’s an unfinished product and I think to judge him at this point in time is not the right thing to do by anybody."

Ross is correct in that it is too early to see the entire picture of the 2012 Dolphins. But the part of the picture shown thus far doesn't seem promising. Here are several additional notes from the Dolphins' owner:

  • Ross really made it a point that he wants the team to be more transparent with the fans and media. The Dolphins are losing the battle of public perception this offseason, and Ross made it clear that he's aware of it. He confirmed recently that he reached out to two fans to talk about the team.

  • Rookie head coach Joe Philbin has been impressive, according to Ross. The owner described Philbin as energized, a winner and even better than advertised.

  • Finally, Ross said the team had a conversation about quarterback Tim Tebow but didn't feel he fit the team. Ross said he didn't want to make a decision just to fill the stands.