Let's make an AFC East draft board!

AFC East draftniks, I need your help. It's time to go to work and prepare for our first 2012 blogger mock draft, which is set to happen later this week.

The AFC East blog has a large front-office staff. We have readers/scouts who live in all parts of the country and follow some college teams and players more than others.

As AFC East general manager, I want to rely on your intel to combine with my knowledge on draft-eligible players. Together, we will create a community board to use for ESPN.com's blogger mock draft. Unlike those bad NFL teams, we stay true to our board.

The instructions are simple: Pick one team, provide your top three players for that draft slot and send them to our division inbox. I will pick a cutoff time later this afternoon and tabulate the votes.

Please be realistic. For example, do not list Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III for the Miami Dolphins at No. 8. If Miami fans want to go quarterback, put Ryan Tannehill at the top. I will disqualify ballots that aren't reasonable.

Once our community ballots are tabulated, that will account for 50 percent. The other 50 percent will be my top three for each team. We will show the results by the end of the day.

Now get to work, scouts! Don't let me down.