Darrelle Revis must take leadership role

New York Jets Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis is in Bristol to do the media rounds at ESPN headquarters. Revis provided an interesting but not-so-surprising comment about the state of the team.

When asked to describe New York's locker room, Revis said it was in "disarray right now." It was a candid but accurate response, based on the happenings late last season when the team imploded and missed out on a third consecutive playoff bid.

Although it's not Revis' fault the locker room is in disarray, I think it is up to Revis to step up his game as a leader in 2012. Revis is the best corner in the NFL and the best player on the team. Individually, he's more than done his part.

But the Jets as a team need more from Revis than just on-the-field feats. He needs to grab players by the collar, at times, even if that's not in Revis' personality.

That also goes for players like Pro Bowl center Nick Mangold and quarterback Mark Sanchez. The Jets need leaders to step up now more than ever. Although it's hard for a backup quarterback, maybe even Tim Tebow can come in and fill that role.

But Revis, first and foremost, should be at the top of the list to improve locker room chemistry. He's the best thing the Jets have going right now. Players will follow and listen to the soft-spoken Revis. He just needs to speak up.