Morning take: Revis rips Bill Belichick

Here are the most interesting stories Thursday morning in the AFC East:

Morning take: That is a way to add more spice to this rivalry. Revis usually isn't one for controversy, but he seems firm in his opinion of the Patriots' coach.

  • Reebok's jersey sales of new Jets quarterback Tim Tebow are temporarily put on hold by a judge.

Morning take: This explains the depths of Tebowmania. Even Nike and Reebok are fighting over the quarterback now that he's made the move to New York, the media capitol of the world.

  • Will Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill land with the Miami Dolphins?

Morning take: Miami holds the No. 8 pick. Although I'm not a huge Tannehill guy, I think the Dolphins need a quarterback. We will have plenty more on the draft coming up next.

  • Buffalo Bills coach Chan Gailey reportedly would like to have a rule changed to allow officials upstairs to decide on instant replays.

Morning take: The rule makes some sense, but it didn't pass. Perhaps it would speed up the game a little, but not enough to make the switch.