Would Dolphins let Tannehill compete?

As long as the Cleveland Browns don't snatch him up first, the Miami Dolphins are projected by many to draft Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill with the No. 8 overall pick in the first round.

There has been much debate about Tannehill's draft stock and readiness. Some feel it's overvalued because quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III will likely be taken with the first two picks. Others feel Tannehill is a legit top-10 pick.

Miami has been clear that veterans Matt Moore and David Garrard will compete for the starting job in training camp. But if the Dolphins draft Tannehill -- especially at such a high spot -- should he be allowed to compete?

Ironically, Tannehill would know Miami's offense better than Moore and Garrard, because Tannehill played under Miami offensive coordinator Mike Sherman in college. Many of the concepts and verbiage will be the same.

Could Tannehill beat out Moore and Garrard as a rookie? It wouldn't seem likely. Tannehill is raw. He's a former receiver who converted to quarterback and didn't start a ton of games in college. It appears more likely the Dolphins would want Tannehill to hold a clipboard for a year and get ready for 2013.

In addition, this Dolphins offense isn't very talented. Drafting Tannehill to play right away could be a mistake if Miami doesn't get a stronger offensive line on the right side and supporting cast of receivers.