Vacation time in the AFC East blog

I've been going non-stop since the day I switched to the AFC East blog last September. It was a fun and entertaining ride that included learning four new teams and covering my third Super Bowl in four years.

But it's time to take my first vacation of 2012. I will be away from the blog until Monday, April 16.

My good friend, "ESPN.com staff," will provide links and occasional videos for everyone to chew on in the meantime. Please do not be rude to the substitute teacher while I'm away. I know how rowdy our community can get.

In fact, here's a stern warning: If "ESPN.com staff" tells me you all were not on your best behavior, I will write Tim Tebow blogs twice a day when I return -- as opposed to the standard, once-a-day Tebow posts (wink, wink). I have plenty of Tebow material just waiting to be unleashed.

All joking aside, enjoy your week, everyone. I will see you soon.