Why was Tebow booed at Yankee Stadium?

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow was not given a warm welcome at Yankee Stadium this weekend. Tebow reportedly was booed in front of the baseball-dominated crowd, along with NBA star Dwyane Wade, Sunday during a game between the Yankees and Los Angeles Angeles.

Tebow is one of the most polarizing athletes in sports, but he's also one of the most popular. Just recently, Tebow drew about 15,000 people to a speaking engagement on Easter Sunday in Texas. A couple in Florida also paid $100,000 to spend a day with Tebow, further confirming his popularity.

So why did Tebow receive a not-so-warm welcome in the Bronx? Surely, there were New York Giants fans in the house Sunday night. After all, New York is a Giants town, not a Jets town.

But here's the one thing that's consistent about New York sports fans: You have to earn their respect. No athlete is given a free pass in the Big Apple, and Tebow won't be the exception. He will be cheered on the football field in New York once he helps the Jets win games.