Report: Ryan Tannehill will visit Buffalo

Are the Buffalo Bills up to something? Will they pull off a shocker and draft former Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the first round? Probably not.

But according to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, the Bills will host Tannehill leading up to the 2012 NFL draft. The former Texas A&M quarterback has planned visits to Kansas City and Cleveland before meeting with Buffalo.

Most likely, this is just due diligence by the Bills, who hold the No. 10 overall pick. The Bills also hosted former Alabama star tailback Trent Richardson, for example, and they are stacked at running back. It's also prudent to get as much intel on Tannehill as possible, because he could be a future opponent. The Miami Dolphins, who own the No. 8 overall pick, are one of the teams after Tannehill next week.

Buffalo veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starter for at least the next couple of seasons. His recent $59 million contract extension says the team has confidence in "Fitz." But I do anticipate Buffalo drafting a quarterback this year that it can groom for the future, perhaps as early as the second or third round. That player won't be Tannehill next week.