Kiper, McShay at odds over Dolphins' draft

Over the weekend, we had a popular blog post listing Mel Kiper Jr.'s draft grades. Kiper was down on the AFC East, and particularly the Miami Dolphins, who garnered a "C" grade.

Much of it centers on Miami's first-round pick: former Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

"On my final Big Board, Ryan Tannehill was my 19th-ranked player. The Dolphins got him at No. 8, and probably felt like they couldn't move down," Kiper explained. "If he's your guy, you take him and live with it. Tannehill is all projection. My worry for him is he needs more game experience, but Miami can't put him out there as a rookie with the hope of being competitive."

But fellow ESPN expert Todd McShay disagrees. In fact, McShay rates Miami as the fifth-best draft of 2012. It was interesting to note that McShay likes the Tannehill pick.

"I'm a big believer that Ryan Tannehill is going to wind up being a quarterback that's going start in this league and be very good," McShay said. "And this is the perfect situation for him."

McShay also likes the other additions Miami made on offense. But McShay and Kiper both prove that Miami's draft will be judged mostly on whether it found a franchise quarterback. The Dolphins won't have an answer to that question for the next two or three years.