Ryan should be careful not to hype Tebow

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan likes to exaggerate at times. Look no further than his back-to-back Super Bowl predictions in 2010 and 2011.

But Ryan would be wise to tone down the rhetoric when it comes to newly-acquired backup quarterback Tim Tebow. This is a unique situation in New York, where every comment by the head coach could add more gasoline to an already brewing quarterback controversy that is waiting to explode.

Ryan described Tebow's as "outstanding" in New York's limited practices. Ryan also added "same with Mark [Sanchez]," perhaps realizing that big kudos to Tebow could be taken as a slight to Sanchez, New York's starting quarterback.

The Jets should know that this situation is too delicate. Ryan would be wise not to over-hype Tebow or give a play-by-play account on workouts this offseason that have little to do with their performance in the fall.

If Ryan continues to applaud Tebow immensely in the spring and summer, it just provides more fodder for the New York media and fans the second Sanchez struggles. For example, if Sanchez throws a couple of interceptions in the regular-season opener against the Buffalo Bills, fans and media would quickly call for Tebow, who already looks "outstanding" this offseason, in Ryan's words.

The Jets' quarterback situation is tense. The pressure already is on Sanchez to produce in his fourth season. The last thing New York's starting quarterback needs is his head coach overselling the backup in May. It's much too early for that.