Bill Belichick on Junior Seau

Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots was the last person to coach future Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau. Belichick signed Seau at the tail end of his career and was Seau's coach for his final four seasons in the NFL.

Seau died Wednesday at the age of 43. Belichick released a statement on Seau Thursday:

"A day later, it is still hard to believe. Of all the players I have coached, nobody was more full of energy and vitality than Junior Seau. He respected and inspired every single person he came in contact with -- players, coaches and support staff. His defied the odds by playing two decades in the NFL at a level and with a youthful spirit rarely seen but appreciated by everyone. Junior will always be remembered as a intense Hall of Fame player from the old school. He was a charismatic icon. At the same time, as a human being he was as caring, warm and lovable as they come. That’s what I will miss most of all. It was a privilege to have coached Junior Seau. My condolences to his family."