Grading 2009 draft: Dolphins

The AFC East blog continues its series this week on grading the 2009 NFL draft. Tuesday we take a look at the Miami Dolphins.

Here were their picks:

  • Round 7: LB J.D. Folsom

The good: This was a solid draft where Miami was able to find three starters. Davis and Smith three years later remain Miami's starting cornerbacks, and Hartline has turned into a nice find at wide receiver. Hartline is currently Miami's No. 1 receiver entering the 2012 season. That's not a great sign for the team, but it does prove Hartline's hard work and development as a former fourth-round pick.

The bad: The White pick is something that's still talked about in Miami. It was a controversial pick by former Dolphins president Bill Parcells. The Dolphins were in their Wildcat prime and thought White could add a special element to the formation. But White was a bust in one year and is now out of the league. Turner, a third-rounder, was beat out by Hartline and is now with the Jets and new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, Miami's former head coach.

Grade: B-

On Wednesday, we will take a look at the Jets' 2009 draft.