Grading the 2009 draft: Patriots

We conclude our week-long draft series on the reigning AFC champion New England Patriots.

Here were their picks in 2009:

  • Round 5: OT George Bussey

The good: The Patriots traded out of the first round and had a bevy of second-round picks. They received solid value in Chung and Vollmer, who are full-time starters. Brace also is a reserve. Other than that, the next best draft pick was Edelman in the seventh round. He surprised the team with his versatility to play multiple positions, even on defense.

The bad: The Patriots made 14 picks in 2009, and only four worked out. Butler was the biggest bust in the second round. But 10 picks total didn't pan out for New England, which is a low success rate from one draft class.

Grade: C-

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