Wake has eye-opening day for Dolphins

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Ol' whatshisname had a great game Sunday for the Miami Dolphins.

The Penn State linebacker once known as Derek Wake who disappeared for a few years to make a name for himself in the Canadian Football League as Cameron Wake recorded three sacks in a 38-10 laugher over the Buffalo Bills in Land Shark Stadium.

Sunday was Wake's second NFL appearance after being a healthy scratch the first two games. With reigning AFC sacks leader Joey Porter sidelined by a hamstring injury, Wake was an eye-opener.

A lot of fine pass-rushers never had three sacks in a regular-season game, including Willie McGinest and Greg Ellis.

Most of the coverage in South Florida focused -- and rightfully so -- on second-year quarterback Chad Henne, who made his first NFL start.

But Wake deserves a little more attention here for making his presence felt. He'd been waiting since he left Penn State in 2005.

"I have been waiting a long time," Wake said. "This is a long road, to finally get in there and get my first sack the NFL. It was tough at times, but finally to get out there and get it done and at the same getting a win, you couldn’t ask much more."

Dolfans were wondering their team had been hoodwinked by what Wake accomplished in the CFL. He played two seasons for the BC Lions and piled up 39 sacks.

Those skills were on display Sunday against a Bills offensive line that was weak and overwhelmed. But what Wake accomplished is what's supposed to happen against a hurting team, and he did it.

"Kid showed what he got," said Dolphins outside linebacker and active NFL sacks leader Jason Taylor. "He does things. I have been around a long time [and he] does things that amaze me.

"It is those young, fresh legs, good cartilage in his knees, all that good stuff. Me and Joey will always joke, watching tape. You'll see Cameron dip underneath somebody, kind of get pushed around. He will spin around and pop off the ground. We always look at each other and say ‘That is those good knees, the good cartilage.’

"He does things that Joey and I can't do right now. I think we have a few things he can't do either."