Dolphins owner provides 'fuel' for Garrard

The Miami Dolphins are staging an open quarterback competition this summer. But this week the owner of the team, Stephen Ross, already pegged incumbent Matt Moore as the favorite.

That's fine by veteran free-agent David Garrard, who told reporters he's now even more motivated to win the job.

"That's just more fuel for me. It’s somebody else I have to try and prove wrong," Garrard explained. "The owner is the owner. He can make all of the comments that he wants. I am never going to dispute him, but I'll just let my play on the field go out and show for it."

The AFC East blog mentioned earlier this week that Ross shouldn't pick favorites in May. The least the owner could do is join his coaching staff to wait and see how the competition plays out.

But Ross added unnecessary spice to this quarterback competition. Now, Garrard knows his boss does not expect him to win the job. That likely provides motivation and a little shot to the gut.