Poll results: Is Tannehill the next Brady?

Ok, maybe the headline is a little misleading. But this week's poll question asked who will be the next top quarterback in the AFC East after future Hall of Famer Tom Brady retires.

The sun is setting on Brady, who turns 35 in August. He won't play forever and has maybe two or three years left to play at an elite level. It's time to start thinking about the next generation of AFC East quarterbacks looking to rule the division.

According to our AFC East blog readers, Miami Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill can be that guy. Tannehill, Miami's first-round pick, has yet to throw an NFL pass but led this week's poll. AFC East readers are convinced Tannehill has the most potential of any division quarterback in the next several years, despite just 19 career college starts.

Here's my question for the thousands who voted in our community: Are you more confident in Tannehill's potential or less confident in the other AFC East quarterbacks? Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills is 29. Mark Sanchez is 25 and Tim Tebow is 24. Even Patriots backup and 2011 third-round pick Ryan Mallett is 23. There are a lot of young quarterbacks in the division. Most are about a decade younger than Brady.

What makes the unproven Tannehill the better prospect?