Morning take: 'Gronk' NFL's best tight end?

Here are the most interesting stories Wednesday morning in the AFC East:

Morning take: After last season's record-setting year, that's safe to say. Gronkowski leads the next generation of NFL tight ends. He's big, but he also has the athleticism to stretch the field.

Morning take: This is a sign that the team probably isn't confident in projected starter Wayne Hunter. The Jets have backed Hunter all offseason despite his rough 2011.

  • The Buffalo Bills are listing former Pro Bowler Shawne Merriman as a defensive end in their new 4-3 defense.

Morning take: This is interesting, because Merriman played outside linebacker in Buffalo’s 3-4. The Bills hope they can get something out of him this season after he was cleared to join the team today.

Morning take: It's going to be some ups and downs for the rookie quarterback while he gets up to speed in the NFL. Tannehill is a long shot to start this season, unless it’s near the end of the year.