Tannenbaum: Edwards should start versus Fins

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss the trade for receiver Braylon Edwards.

Tannenbaum said the organization feels comfortable adding Edwards despite the lingering legal issues that could lead to disciplinary action from the NFL. Tannenbaum also expects Edwards to start Monday night against the Miami Dolphins in Land Shark Stadium.

Some highlights from the news conference:

Are there concerns over recent allegations Edwards allegedly punched a friend of LeBron James?

"We went through a thorough researching. [Jets vice president of security) Steve Yarnell does a great job, and we are comfortable where we are in adding Braylon to the team.

"We reached out to the League. Steve Yarnell reached out to law enforcement. We are comfortable adding Braylon. We will cooperate with the authorities. We are glad he is here. We did all of our due diligence, and we are comfortable adding him to the team."

Have there been any assurances from the NFL?

"No assurances from the league. All I am saying is that we reached out to the league. We reached out to law enforcement. Steve Yarnell and I did that last night. We feel comfortable adding Braylon where the situation is right now."

Are the Jets are negotiating a new contract for Edwards?

"We acquired Braylon and his contract. We’re going to honor his contract. Right now, our intentions are that he is going to be here with the contract that we acquired in the trade. That is our plans."

How will Edwards impact the offense?

"We think this is going to help both our passing game and our running game, the coverages that we'll see. And I think our running backs will be happy with this trade as well. I think it's going to help balance out our offense. We think he'll be able to help all aspects of the offense."

Can Edwards be the player he was in 2007?

"Braylon is 26 years old. Young players go through ups and downs. We’re excited to have him. We like the environment he is coming into. He has a lot of good teammates that are going to support him to be successful. I think he is going to help us be a winning football team.

"I'm not into numbers of receptions or touchdowns. I'm into winning football. Whatever he can do to help us win. That is blocking in the running game, drawing coverages to his side of the field. That's what we're looking for. There will be a lot of production as well. We’re not going to assess this trade based on 'X' catches or number of touchdowns. It's more about the total package he brings."