Troy Brown on joining Patriots HOF

Former New England Patriots receiver Troy Brown is the newest member of the team's Hall of Fame. He received the most fan votes this week and edged our former coach Bill Parcells and former defensive back Fred Marion.

Here are some select questions and answers with Brown from Tuesday's conference call:

(On making this journey with the Patriots)

Troy Brown: “You look back on it – and I always look back on it – where I started from and how shaky things were and how unsure things were for me for a long time wearing that Patriots uniform. I think it was like seven years in there where it was always pretty unstable for me. I look back on it now and I realize now how much the fans really did appreciate what I was doing when, at times, it seemed like some other people around the organization didn’t seem to realize that. When it comes down to it, I always played hard for my teammates and played hard for my coaches no matter who it was and ownership and you really wanted to go out there and make our fans happy. I think that now that I realize how much they appreciated the way I played the game, it does make me feel really good.”

(On how he viewed himself as a player)

Brown: “I was always athletic. I didn’t have some of the skills that you see a lot of the athletes have. I could jump, I was quick, I could catch and all those types of things, but when it came to just flat out speed, that was something I had to work really hard at. I got better and I got faster and I think it showed. When I hit 28, 29 years old – I was probably 30 years old – I was running my best times ever in the 40-yard dash. That worked out in my favor. Maybe I don’t have all the things that you would think a guy my size would have, but I think I read some quotes from Bill [Belichick] and it’s kind of hard to make up for some of those things, but when you have the heart and determination to go out there and get something done and you go out there and you play the game like you love it, you can make up for a lot of things that you don’t have.”

(On most memorable games)

Brown: “Three Super Bowls, you name them. I was a part quite a few unique games in Patriots history. I can talk about the Snow Bowl there against Oakland [1/19/02] – the Tuck Rule. All those games, the overtime game against the Dolphins [10/19/03] and obviously the three Super Bowl wins we had. Those were great games, big games for us. Even back into 1996, winning that last game against the Giants [12/21/96] to get home field advantage…There’re so many special moments and it’s kind of hard to put my finger on just one. Maybe the 2006 game against the San Diego Chargers [1/14/07], being able to get the ball back from Marlon McCree there and give us a chance to advance in the playoffs. How about that one?”