Tom Brady: I have 'a long way to go'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The throws in team drills were crisp and on the money.

There were completions with zip to receiver Wes Welker for two deep touchdowns. Tight end Aaron Hernandez made vertical catches, and several timing routes to Jabar Gaffney and Deion Branch were precise.

Still, the future Hall of Fame quarterback throwing those passes was not satisfied.

"I got a long way to go," Tom Brady said after Wednesday's practice. "So, I'm nowhere near where I want to be."

Brady is a perfectionist. He looked great in practice and made plenty of plays, especially compared to the two quarterbacks I saw up close Tuesday: Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets. Brady's arm looks strong and accurate. Brady also says he is sitting at his ideal playing weight of 228 pounds.

But Brady and the Patriots are not letting up. They want to improve. They want to be near perfect by the time the regular season begins.

Want proof? On a soggy, rainy day at Gillette Stadium, Patriots coach Bill Belichick practiced outside. The Jets had a similar dilemma on Tuesday and chose to practice inside the fieldhouse.

"Rain or shine, whatever it is," Belichick said. "Rain, wind, hot, we have a little bit of everything. So it’s been good. Sooner or later, we will have to play in those conditions."

Belichick said the players are aware that most of the evaluations will happen next month in training camp. This time is more about teaching than anything else.

Mistakes were made Wednesday, but overall I thought the Patriots looked pretty good for a June practice. Brady and the first-team offense were particularly sharp in team drills. But you can't tell that to New England's starting quarterback.

"No one is ready to play a game yet, I can assure you of that," Brady said. "We got a lot of work."