Big trade should unlock Keller in Jets' offense

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

The real impact of Braylon Edwards on the New York Jets' offense probably won't be found on his personal stat line. Keller

His presence will be sprinkled throughout the lineup, and the player who might benefit most of all is tight end Dustin Keller.

"Keller will be really difficult to key on now," Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson said.

Keller should be scarier to opposing defenses than he has been. He's averaging three receptions and 43 yards a game.

If the Jets' base personnel consists of two running backs, Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery at receiver and Keller at tight end, then base defenses will have a difficult time matching up.

"All of a sudden you're going to see more two-high-safety looks, which is going to help the running game," Williamson said. "You're going to see more teams worried about the other weapons.

"Keller is not an in-line, pounding tight end. This will get Keller detached from the formation more and up against a linebacker more often. I think he'll abuse that kind of coverage."

Edwards also should provide a jolt for versatile running back Leon Washington. Similar to Keller, the Jets can more easily maneuver Washington into mismatches.

"You start Leon Washington out in the backfield and motion him out wide," Williamson said. "If you get a heavier linebacker on him, you exploit that mismatch.

"It opens up an awful lot for the whole offense."