Poll results: Tebow better than Gabbert

Our AFC East community is at odds with ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski. According to our SportsNation poll, a majority of our readers feel New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow is better than Blaine Gabbert of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"Jaws" began his top-30 quarterback rankings this week by ranking Gabbert (No. 29) ahead of Tebow (No. 30). That caught my eye, because Tebow is coming off an incredible season where he led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and even beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the wild-card round. Gabbert, meanwhile, looked lost at the NFL level. Still, Jaworski put Gabbert ahead of Tebow.

I agree with our AFC East community on this one. Tebow is definitely not a conventional quarterback, but he has proven skills in the NFL, such as toughness, size, athleticism and a strong worth ethic. Tebow is a winner. His throwing just leaves a lot to be desired.

I’m still not convinced about Gabbert. He looked skittish last year. His accuracy was way off most games, and he has first-round bust written all over him. I would take Tebow on my team over Gabbert any day.