Morning take: 'Plax' digs at Sanchez, Tebow


After begging to take over the blog for weeks, "ESPN.com staff" got the yips at the last moment Thursday. Our rowdy community provided too much fear, and my buddy froze. You all can be a tough crowd.

Here are the most interesting stories in the AFC East:

  • Former New York Jets receiver Plaxico Burress provided digs at quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

Morning take: You got the sense that Burress was not a Sanchez fan when things imploded last season. Burress didn't play with Tebow but doesn't think he's an NFL quarterback.

Morning take: Young hasn't had much time, particularly for a quarterback who must know everyone's assignment. Young still has five weeks before camp to get up to speed.

Morning take: New England has a host of running backs, but you wonder if the trust factor is there. Players like Morris and Kevin Faulk consistently know their assignment, and that's key for the Patriots.

Morning take: It’s been a close race between David Garrard and Matt Moore in offseason workouts. This most likely will be settled by the third preseason game.