Jets, Wilkerson dodge a bullet

New York Jets starting defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson was involved in a car accident over the weekend but escaped serious injuries, ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports. Wilkerson's car reportedly flipped over and struck another vehicle. But there was no indication Wilkerson was under the influence.

Wilkerson will be charged with two traffic violations, according to Mortensen. It will be for careless driving and failure to maintain his lane. The good news is that there were no major injuries involved with Wilkerson or the other vehicle.

It appears the Jets and Wilkerson are fortunate with this case. They dodged a major bullet that could have been much worse under the circumstances.

The timing (4:29 am Saturday morning) makes you cringe a little. But reportedly without alcohol involved, this looks like a case of just poor driving on Wilkerson's part. It should be a lesson for Wilkerson to be safer and more attentive behind the wheel in the future.