Join our live AFC East video mailbag

My colleague Dan Graziano is always on the cutting edge. For the past few weeks, ESPN.com's NFC East blogger has been doing live video mailbags that were fun to watch.

I enjoyed them so much that I figured I try to do the same. Our SportsNation chat Tuesday just wasn't enough. I want to interact more with our community Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET.

I'm all ears for any questions you have on the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and New York Jets. I will dish on who looked good and bad from minicamp. If you want to make a comment or complaint about the blog, feel free to let me know. Maybe you'd like to see fewer Tim Tebow posts. Maybe you're tired of hearing about the Bills being my sleeper team. Join in the live chat and let me hear it. I can take it.

So mark the time today for 4 p.m. ET. Stay at work a little later if you have to. We're going to have some fun this afternoon.