Fantasy focus: Beware of AFC East QBs

Fantasy football is gearing up around the country, and draftniks are studying up on all the latest information to build their championship-caliber teams.

In the AFC East, I have one message for our community on draft day: Don't be a homer and select a quarterback from this division, unless that player rhymes with Don Shady.

I checked with our fantasy experts at ESPN.com to see where AFC East quarterbacks rank. Tom Brady is rightfully at No. 2. After that there is a significant drop-off.

Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills is No. 23. Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets is No. 28, and Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore, who might lose his job in camp, is No. 30.

Fitzpatrick, Sanchez and Moore have too many questions to lead your fantasy team. For example, Fitzpatrick is too streaky and throws too many interceptions. Yes, he played with injured ribs late in the year. But Fitzpatrick has yet to put together a full year of good football.

Sanchez has Tim Tebow breathing down his neck. No one, not even the Jets, is fully aware of what to expect. Sanchez has never been pushed like this before in his career and his 2012 season can go one way or the other.

Moore and David Garrard are toss-ups. We will not know the starter until late in the preseason, which is after many fantasy drafts.

So stay away. Stay far, far away.