Jim Kelly questions Tebow's fit with Jets

Is there some rival gamesmanship going from a former Buffalo Bills quarterback?

Buffalo Hall of Famer Jim Kelly openly questioned the New York Jets and their high-profile acquisition of Tim Tebow. New York's trade with the Denver Broncos to get Tebow has made major headlines in the NFL this offseason. Some feel Tebow, who went 7-4 as a starter last season and won a playoff game, will supplant Jets starter Mark Sanchez at some point this season, and could cause a team-wide controversy.

Add Kelly among the list of Jets and Tebow doubters.

"I gotta be honest: I don't know what they really were thinking," Kelly told the NFL Network on Thursday. "Mark Sanchez is a quarterback who's going to be sitting there every single game if he plays bad, and No. 1, you know Jets fans -- they're going to start booing."

Kelly is not alone in his assessment. Many feel Sanchez took a step back last season, and adding Tebow only adds to the pressure to have a bounce-back season.

Kelly said both Jets quarterbacks have potential, but he doesn’t feel they should be on the same team. Kelly made no secret that his rooting interest clearly is with the Bills.

"I hope there's so much turmoil during (Jets) training camp," Kelly said.