Tebow would be silly to do 'The Bachelor'

NFL training camp starts in approximately two weeks. In no uncertain terms should New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow be thinking about reality TV.

Tebow reportedly has been approached by the popular dating show "The Bachelor," according to host Chris Harrison. Tebow would join other football players like Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Ochocinco and Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver, who have dabbled in reality TV this year.

It's easy to see why "The Bachelor" would love to add Tebow to its roster. He is a very popular and polarizing athlete who would instantly draw ratings. Many people also have been interested in Tebow's dating life and would get an intimate look.

But Tebow would be wise to turn the show down ASAP. He has enough on his plate getting acclimated to a new team and a new offense. By all measures Tebow is having a solid offseason. Doing a reality show would just kill that momentum and have people questioning Tebow's focus before training camp.