Calls and Effect: AFC East penalty tracker

Most everybody was on their best behavior in the AFC East last week.

Discipline, however, wasn't enough for two teams.

The AFC East's two losers -- the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets -- committed six penalties for 40 yards.

After four weeks, the AFC East penalty tracker shows the Bills remain the division's most careless club despite a courteous afternoon against the Miami Dolphins in Land Shark Stadium.

The Dolphins are the AFC East's most disciplined team, but they took Week 4 rogue honors with five penalties for a respectable 41 yards. That's not a lot of yards, but officials zapped the Dolphins for two 15-yarders, their first of the season. They went into the game with only three 10-yard penalties.

But the guy to look out for so far has been New York Jets rookie Mark Sanchez. No AFC East player has been responsible for so much negative yardage.

How often does a quarterback get whistled for two 15-yard penalties inside four weeks? Sanchez has been flagged for two bush-league maneuvers on turnovers, his most recent occurring when he tried to take out New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma's knees on an interception return.

Bills left tackle Demetrius Bell, who missed last week's game with a groin injury, still leads the division in number of infractions with six penalties (two were declined) for 20 yards.