Did Dez Bryant vindicate GM Jeff Ireland?

Somewhere, Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland might feel vindicated this week.

Two years ago, Miami was one of the teams showing interest in drafting Bryant in the first round. But character concerns led to Ireland infamously questioning Bryant and his mother's background.

The news of Ireland's perceived personal attack of Bryant became public, and it's been a stain on Ireland's public image ever since. Bryant was later drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, while the Dolphins selected defensive end Jared Odrick.

The talented yet troubled Bryant has had several minor off-the-field incidents since being drafted. But this weekend's transgression could be the biggest. Bryant was arrested on charges of allegedly assaulting his mother. Angela Bryant made a 911 call alleging her son physically attacked her and hinted that it wasn't the first time this has happened.

"I can't keep letting him do this," Angela Bryant reportedly said on the 911 call. "I can't keep letting him do me like this. I'm tired. I'm going to put an end to it today."

Dez Bryant is innocent until proven guilty. But the Dolphins had concerns about Bryant’s relationship with his mother years ago, and it’s part of the reason why he does not play in Miami.

The Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones thought they got a first-round gem because of his immense talent. But two years later, Ireland and the Dolphins are looking smarter with Bryant facing potential legal ramifications and a possible NFL suspension.