AFC East Homer of the Week

NFL training camps are just around the corner. Therefore, homers are starting to come out of their offseason slumber.

Our most recent AFC East "Homer of the Week" is a Miami Dolphins fan.


John G. from Charleston, SC, writes: Prediction time! Quarterbacks David Garrard and Matt Moore will both suffer season-ending injuries in the preseason. Ryan Tannehill will be the starter Week 1 of the regular season and prove that he was a worthy top-10 pick by breaking all of Dan "The Man" Marino's records AND go on to win Miami's first Super Bowl since 1973, all in his first season as the Miami Dolphin's All-Pro, All-Star, Future H.O.F. quarterback. Scratch that prediction, and instead make it a fact that this will happen!

James Walker: John G., this is a homer-rific comment and very much wishful thinking. Not only are you predicting two quarterback injuries, but you’re predicting Tannehill to have a Tom Brady-like path with Miami by being an injury replacement who made himself into a Hall of Famer? Sloooow down, buddy. Tannehill will not spend this season breaking Marino’s passing records and winning a Super Bowl. Tannehill will be holding a clipboard and learning behind two veterans while the Dolphins rebuild. Sorry to wake you up from your dream. But congrats on being our newest AFC East “Homer of the Week.”