Rex Ryan making changes for the better

Since lap-band surgery in 2010, Rex Ryan has dropped more than 100 pounds. AP Photo/US Presswire

This has been an offseason of major change for New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

First, Ryan said the brash trash talk and preseason guarantees would be a thing of the past. Many, including the AFC East blog, questioned if Ryan could come through. But Ryan has held true to his word.

But perhaps the biggest change Ryan has made in his life can be seen in his physical appearance. Ryan has lost more than 100 pounds (106 to be exact) since lap-band surgery in 2010. Ryan announced this week that he is down to a much-healthier 242 pounds entering the 2012 season.

Coaching at the NFL level can be an unhealthy and pressure-packed gig. You work extremely long hours trying to get an edge. If your opponent is working 15 hours a day, you're trying to work 20 hours to win the next game.

Head coaches have game-planning duties, film study, practice, media availability and other responsibilities that can add up. Working out and eating healthy can fall far down on the hierarchy when you're trying to figure out how to beat Tom Brady.

Ryan was never a small guy, but his weight ballooned after becoming a head coach in 2009. Congrats to Ryan for finding a healthy balance.