Tim Tebow could be a fantasy sleeper

Tim Tebow will enter the 2012 season as the No. 2 quarterback for the New York Jets. But when it comes to fantasy football, Tebow is not your average backup.

Tebow will get plenty of playing time and should bring value to any fantasy football team this year. Here is why Tebow is a fantasy sleeper worth considering in the latter rounds of your drafts:

Touchdowns and more touchdowns: The most valuable asset to any fantasy team is touchdowns. Despite many criticisms, no one can deny Tebow’s toughness and nose for the end zone. Tebow had six rushing touchdowns in 11 starts last year. Expect the Jets to use Tebow and the Wildcat package a lot inside the 20s. Tebow is hard to stop with a head full of steam and could take some valuable fantasy points away from starting quarterback Mark Sanchez this season.

Rushing yards: Tebow is a very sturdy runner who has averaged 5.4 yards per carry in his career. That is a stellar clip that is higher than most running backs. Even if Tebow only gets 10 carries a game with the Jets, that’s more than 50 rushing yards to add to your fantasy team. That could amount to approximately 800 rushing yards from a quarterback over a 16-game season. Those points add up.

Tebow may start this year: Tebow will start the season as a backup, but he could end up the starter in New York. It could happen in Week 3. It could happen around midseason. But many expect Sanchez to struggle and the pressure to be too immense to keep the popular Tebow on the bench. More snaps for Tebow would only increase his fantasy value. Tebow will be available on the cheap -- probably in the final rounds -- of most drafts. But his fantasy stock could be worth more as the season goes on.