Will Tim Tebow ever fix throwing motion?

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow continues to work on his quirky throwing motion. Tebow has one of the slowest releases in the NFL, and it continues to be his biggest weakness.

The latest chapter in fixing Tebow's poor throwing takes us to Southern California. Tebow has been working with passing guru Tom House at USC this week, reports Pedro Moura of ESPNLosAngeles.com.

Tebow has worked with several throwing coaches, dating to 2010, when he entered the NFL draft. Tebow also had a quarterbacks coach during his two seasons with the Denver Broncos, and has one now that he's with the New York Jets. After plenty of work, Tebow's throwing motion still is not up to par.

I most recently watched Tebow throw during New York's mandatory minicamp last month, and there continued to be stretches of poor accuracy. One play stood out most, during which Tebow pump-faked and tried to reload to throw. The pass seemingly took forever, and the defensive line was all over Tebow by the time the ball left his hands. It's hard to see that changing by New York's Week 1 game against the Buffalo Bills.

Tebow deserves to be applauded for the immense work he's put in this offseason. Physically, he looks to be in the best shape of his career as he competes with Jets starter Mark Sanchez. Tebow's toughness, character and athleticism should make him an immediate contributor.

But you wonder if Tebow's throwing motion will ever change dramatically enough to where it is no longer a question. I haven't seen enough evidence for that to be the case.