Darrelle Revis reporting is a win for Jets

The Darrelle Revis training camp mystery has been solved. According to the Associated Press, citing a source, the New York Jets Pro Bowl cornerback will show up for training camp on time next week.

Revis has been non-committal after expressing his desire for a new contract this offseason. He will make $13.5 million over the next two years, which is a bargain for the best cornerback in football. However, the Jets made Revis one of the NFL’s highest-paid players over the past two years -- he signed a front-loaded $46 million, four-year deal in 2010 -- which is why New York wants Revis to play out at least one more season.

The Jets held their ground, and if the report is correct, this is a win for the team. New York has enough controversies -- starting with the quarterback situation with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. The Jets did not need a Revis holdout story dominating the New York headlines.

Also, the last time Revis held out two years ago, he got the contract he wanted but was not in prime football shape. He was bothered by hamstring injuries that year and was not his usual self. Revis coming into camp on time ensures he will be in top shape for the regular season. The Jets need Revis to be at his best to have a shot at the playoffs.

Revis is giving up his only leverage by showing up to training camp on time. He is also avoiding fines.

Maybe Revis’ contract issue still gets resolved. Maybe it doesn’t. But the Jets will have their best player in camp, ready to go, and that’s a great thing for New York.