Morning take: Dolphins' wide receivers

Here are the most interesting stories Monday morning in the AFC East:

Morning take: I’m not buying it. Miami went out and signed Chad Ochocinco four days after he became available and also showed interest in former Baylor receiver Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft. These two things would not happen if Miami felt set at the position.

Morning take: Merriman is at the point where he must use his brains more than his physical abilities. Injuries and age have caught up to Merriman, and the way to survive in the NFL is to adjust later in your career.

Morning take: Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins (knee) and Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski (ankle) are the two biggest injuries to monitor in camp. Gronkowski will be fine, but Mankins is a big question mark for Week 1.

Morning take: It can’t hurt. The Jets became too pompous after back-to-back AFC title games. The players and coaches expected success to follow them last year and lost their edge and swagger. It appears the Jets are rolling up their sleeves again and getting back to the workmanlike attitude that helped in 2009 and 2010. That’s a good thing.