Jets Camp Watch

Three thoughts as training camps open around the NFL:

One thing I'm certain of: The Jets’ defense will be fast and physical. Despite a top-five rating in 2011, the defense was angry this offseason. The Jets’ goal is to have the best defense in the NFL, and this group will take it out on the offense throughout training camp.

New York’s defense is well ahead of its offense. So things could get ugly. The Jets are using more 4-3 concepts to put pressure on the quarterback. The additions of first-round pick Quinton Coples and veteran safety Yeremiah Bell should add more physicality to the group.

One thing that might happen: I'm still not sure Darrelle Revis' contract saga is completely over. Yes, Revis is showing up to training camp on time. But that doesn't mean he's suddenly happy with this contract. Revis will make $13.5 million the next two years, which is a bargain rate for the best cornerback in football.

The Jets have held firm in their stance. They've paid Revis very well the past two years and believe their Pro Bowl corner can play at least one season at a discount. So far it looks as if New York has the advantage, especially with Revis giving up his only leverage by reporting. But this still could be a story if Revis chooses to make a public display.

One thing we won't see: We will not see a quarterback competition in training camp. Despite the immense outside pressure, Tim Tebow is not competing with starting quarterback Mark Sanchez. Media and fans will be tracking their every move. Each game and week of practice will be scrutinized. But the Jets have no plans to start Tebow right away.

But it will be important for Sanchez to perform well. If Tebow is lighting up the preseason and Sanchez struggles, that leash gets even shorter during the regular season. Sanchez needs to start training camp fast and carry that momentum into the season.