Herm Edwards: 'Start Tannehill now'

ESPN NFL analyst Herm Edwards made his debut column on ESPN.comInsider. It's a peek into the mind of a former head coach, who has plenty of interesting views.

One of the more pertinent points to the AFC East is that Edwards believes the Miami Dolphins should go with rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill in Week 1.

"The Dolphins need to start Tannehill now," Edwards writes: "Miami finished 6-10 overall and 3-3 in a tough AFC East last season. After a rough offseason, the Dolphins drafted Tannehill in the first round at No. 8 overall. If they drafted him that high, he'd better be their franchise QB. Right?"

Edwards continued to pull the Tannehill bandwagon.

"The real question is: How much better is Matt Moore going to be than Tannehill?" Edwards continues. "Are the Dolphins going to win two more games with him? Maybe go 8-8? What does that accomplish? They are rebuilding. They might as well find out what they have in Tannehill now."

Here is the thing: Edwards now has a cushy job at ESPN. He has the luxury to comfortably say another team should play a rookie quarterback when Tannehill clearly is not ready. If Edwards were still head coach of the New York Jets or Kansas City Chiefs, would he play Tannehill, or any rookie who was too green? Probably not.

In fact, Edwards had a chance to play Brodie Croyle his rookie year over veteran Damon Huard, and Edwards wisely chose Huard and won nine games that year. Croyle didn't start his first game until Year 2. Edwards also had a young Chad Pennington in New York and Pennington didn't crack Edwards' starting lineup until Year 3.

Edwards coined the phrase, "Hello! You play to win the game!" Miami going with Tannehill right now would not give the Dolphins the best chance to win in Week 1.