Miami's switch to 4-3 D going 'excellent'

One of the biggest storylines facing the Miami Dolphins this season is how well the defense can switch to a 4-3 defense. According to first-year defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, things are going great.

"Excellent, excellent. I think that they are embracing it, and for some of them, it lends to their skill sets, maybe a little better, but not necessarily," Coyle said. "They played darn good defense a year ago in the 3-4, and as I told you guys in the beginning, there weren’t that many true 3-4 snaps. There was a lot of under defense, a lot of substitution defense, so there are elements of what we did here a year ago that we are incorporating and some that we will continue to incorporate as the year goes on. But I think the transition has been great."

Miami has a physical and talented front seven. The personnel matches up well to operate a 4-3, so I still anticipate the defense being the strength of the team.

The Dolphins have a lot of questions on offense and probably won’t score a lot points on a weekly basis. Miami needs its defense to lead, and quickly adjusting to a 4-3 defense is a big part of it.