T.O. could play AFC East in 2012

The Seattle Seahawks, who have signed retread receivers left and right recently, are reportedly working on a contract with 38-year-old receiver Terrell Owens.

Seattle has been looking to upgrade the position and thinks Owens still has what it takes. This also comes on the heels of signing Braylon Edwards and Antonio Bryant this offseason. Bryant was cut over the weekend.

If Owens and Seattle work out a contract and he makes the 53-man roster, T.O. will face all four teams in the AFC East this season. The New England Patriots would be up first to face Owens and Seattle on Oct. 14. The Seahawks also play the New York Jets on Nov. 11, the Miami Dolphins on Nov. 25 and the Buffalo Bills on Dec. 16.

Owens would certainly add some spice to these AFC East matchups. For example, Owens would be facing his former team in the Bills in December. An Owens versus Chad Johnson matchup would add some sizzle to the Seattle-Miami game in November. And Owens also had choice words in the past for Jets Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Owens may not make a huge impact if he signs with Seattle this week. But at least he would make things a little more interesting for these four AFC East games against the Seahawks.