Clevelander Ginn answers with long TD

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

MIAMI -- Where did this No. 19 come from?

Some dude named Ted Ginn just made a 53-yard touchdown catch over Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis to give the Miami Dolphins a 24-20 lead over the New York Jets.

That can't be the same Ted Ginn who has been infamous in South Florida for being a major disappointment since he was drafted ninth overall, can it?

Five snaps after Cleveland Browns import Braylon Edwards set up the Jets for a go-ahead touchdown, Cleveland native Ginn got behind the Jets' secondary. Chad Henne made a pretty, rainbow throw to Ginn down the seam to retake the lead.

It was the type of throw Dolfans didn't get see much from Chad Pennington.

The defenses were supposed to be exchanging body blows, but the offenses keep landing haymakers.

An injury update in the press box: Dolphins outside linebacker Jason Taylor has a shoulder injury, and his return is questionable.