Chad Johnson not talking a bad idea

Chad Johnson silenced again?

Oh, no!

The flamboyant and colorful receiver is going back into New England Patriots mode. Johnson briefly told reporters he's "not doing media anymore," according to the Miami Herald.

Johnson's self-imposed muzzle stems from Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin's one-on-one talk with the receiver, which was documented on HBO's "Hard Knocks." Philbin spoke to Johnson about representing the organization the right way after cursing multiple times and making not-so-tasteful jokes in his introductory news conference.

This is not good. The last thing the Dolphins want is the Patriots' version of Chad Johnson, or Ochocinco.

I've covered Johnson in all three stops: Cincinnati, New England and now Miami. I can vouch that Chad needs to be Chad. For whatever reason, Johnson running his mouth makes him perform better. He's just different in that way.

Granted, the Dolphins do not want Johnson to shut up, which basically was the plan in New England. Miami just wants him to tailor his speech. From the team's standpoint, every second sentence doesn’t need an expletive in it.

The good news is Johnson still has an outlet. Even if Johnson stays silent in the media, Chad can still be Chad on Twitter and communicate daily with his 3 million followers.

Johnson needs some kind of an outlet for his colorful personality or it could hurt his performance. As strange as it sounds, Twitter just might save Miami's passing game.