Arrest puts Johnson's Miami future in doubt

Chad Johnson Arrested (2:02)

Chad Johnson arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery. (2:02)

Chad Johnson has been described as a lot of things during his 12-year NFL career. He's colorful, flamboyant, funny and even can be a little strange at times.

But Johnson has never been portrayed in the way he's described in Saturday's police report.

Johnson has put his football future with the Miami Dolphins in jeopardy following Saturday night's alleged domestic incident with his wife, Evelyn Lozada. It's too early to label guilt or innocence -- that's what the legal system is for -- but the initial police report is disturbing. Lozada claims Johnson head-butted her, which caused a cut on Lozada's forehead. The Dolphins and the NFL will be watching closely when the full details are released.

Anyone who has covered Johnson knows he often prides himself on never being arrested. Anytime someone questions Johnson's antics, the receiver counters that he has never been suspended or in legal trouble. It was a valid comeback that might no longer be applicable after this incident.

There was a scene in HBO's "Hard Knocks" last week when Dolphins coach Joe Philbin had a stern talk with Johnson about his use of vulgar language. Philbin lets it be known that Johnson, who is on a one-year contract, could be let go if he doesn't represent the organization the right way.

This alleged incident could be much worse. If these domestic charges are legit, this could lead Miami to cutting ties with Johnson, who was developing into the team's best receiver in training camp.

Johnson should have never put himself in this situation.