More disturbing details from Chad Johnson

The quotes in the police report from Saturday's domestic incident involving Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson are disturbing.

"I don't give a [expletive]. I don't give a [expletive] about my career," Johnson reportedly said, according to his wife, Evelyn Lozada.

This is what Lozada says came from Johnson in the heat of their altercation Saturday night. Johnson spent a night in jail after being charged with misdemeanor domestic abuse.

Again, we're at the "he said, she said" stage. But this is an account from one of the two people on the scene. At the very least, this statement has to catch the Dolphins' attention. The organization must ask Johnson about this, among other things, because it has a direct impact on his dedication and playing future with Miami.

"I have not spoken with Chad Johnson yet," Dolphins head coach Philbin said Sunday. "However, I do plan to meet with him in the relatively near future."

Miami has a big decision to make with Johnson. The Dolphins can take quick action after talking with Johnson. Or they can wait until all the details are released.

Either way, this is a big, early test for the new Philbin regime.