Morning take: Logan Mankins off PUP

Here are the most interesting stories Monday in the AFC East:

Morning take: This is a great sign for Mankins and the Patriots. I had a lot of questions about Mankins making it back for Week 1, but it looks like there's a solid chance. Mankins surely is needed.

Morning take: The Jets are going vanilla in the preseason. Perhaps they prefer to wait until Week 1 to unveil Tim Tebow and Wildcat against the Buffalo Bills. But that would mean only running the formation in practice.

Morning take: This decision likely won't be made until the final preseason game. But Jones has some starting experience and the deep speed Buffalo needs.

Morning take: The Dolphins haven't been very forthcoming with injuries. Burnett's is another instance in which we are not sure how or when a player was injured. It's been a rough few days overall for Miami.